Look Mummy no Puppets, I do useful things with my 3D printer Now.

stl file = hall_effect_sensor_ic_housing.stl

solder 3 wires to hall ic and fill with hot glue
put hall ic right side between little gap in bottom
After some searching the Hall Effect IC i chose / decided to use
is Hall Effect IC A3144 is 4mm wide 1.5mm thick 3mm high A3144 Unipolar Non-latching
North Pole sensitive about 2cm with neodymium magnet
drain, sinks, pulls to ground when correct N pole side magnet present

in my opinion pullup resistor 10k is not needed if you define input_pullup in arduino code
A3144 specs say 4,5-24vdc supply, but i tested with (+3.3vdc=>LED=>digital_output) and is working ok

a very foolproof cheap sensor / North pole magnet switch
My Cheap Chinese Friend Ali sells A3144 Hall Effect IC for +/- 5 cents a Piece

ACTION heeft een leuk / goed 4 euro FERM Hot Glue Gun Smelt Pistool 70W
en voor 80 cent een 10 pack lijmstaafjes
nou, dat is goedkoop hobbyen

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