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dld Sun 14 Jul 2019 at 7:51:14
Elderly IR TV remote Arduino IR 433Mhz

Elderly IR TV remote Arduino

My mother is old 1930
had a brainbleed/afasie/aphasia lost/relearn speech/read/write/motioncontrol in 1980
her speech/read/write/motioncontrol is disabled
and now her brain starts getting defragmented

a few years ago i bought a few button remote
LIDL Silvercrest big button remote SFS18A1
and cut out the channel/programming buttons to make it even less buttons
because the 100 button Samsung remote was too much
now the few button remote gets also complicated
and she has problems pointing/understanding that the ir light towards the tv

the tv is everything she has for entertainment

what if i make an +/-6 big button on/off channel 1,2,3 soundlevel arduino remote
make it 433mhz wireless so no ir light pointing direction towards tv needed
and convert the 433mhz signal with a clip on IR LED on the tv

or maybe even a box on the tv with 6 buttons on the tv like it was in the beginning
makes it easyer to understand the connection/relation between tv and buttons
and good for some body exercise

or can i control samsung tv from usb??? arduino buttons to samsung usb???
ex-link / service audiojack to rs232 on samsung tv? == well that gets to brand/type specific

when i do a search looks like there are allready 433mhz tv's/remotes instead off IR
or is this a aliexpres mistake because i also see a ir led on remote
Good morning! 
I have some great experience to share with you. 

If you are interested in using Homey to control a lot of IR devices - 
this is the best solution for me so far:
EBODE PM10C Wireless Infrared Extender:]&Itemid=3&lang=en

I tested this IR extender today and I'm pretty excited. 
The main advantage: 
the IR signals from Homey are being converted to 433MHz signals, 
transmitted for over 30 meters trough the floors and walls and converted back to IR at the receiver point! 
And it works very very well. 

My transmitter ("pyramid", half size of Homey) 
stands just next to Homey and is extending the IR signal across the house to the receiver 
"pyramids" in different rooms. I have approx. 
3 walls and 18 meters between my Homey (living room) and the device 
I'd like to control in the bedroom (air purifier). And it works! 
Homey can now control all IR devices in my bedroom! 

This way you can place 1 IR transmitter next to Homey and many IR receivers 
in different rooms and enjoy the full Homey control over all of your IR devices at home. 

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