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dld Tue 25 Jun 2019 at 10:59:47
GREAT NEWS Raspberry Pi 4B+ Released June / Juli 2019

GREAT NEWS Raspberry Pi 4B+ Released June / Juli 2019

24th Jun 2019 at 7:00 am
Raspberry Pi 4 on sale now from $35
26 june 2019
ordered a Raspberry Pi 4B+ 4gb at
with 3amp usb c transformer and 2 hdmi adapters
nice can replace my/this desktop/webserver raspberry pi 3b+ for a faster one
this webserver where you are now on will lose its desktop function ;-)

i use the 3B+ for a year now as my desktop pc && webserver
Feel so good!, no Micro$oft updates on worst possible times ;-) and for Win10 a ugly GUI that does not make any sense
i lock up my pi 3b+ sometimes with doing to much mostly in chromium
would like to say to chrome/chromium settings => only 1 chromium window allowed? and a MaxTabs setting?
but i do not know how to do that

programs i use most
Geany tabbed plain text editor
Chromium Web Browser
Arduino IDE (Raspberry version SUX! -> Download Full Arduino IDE
hope Arduino IDE manage libraries will work nicer on raspberry pi 4

still no reset / awake switch on the raspberry pi 4B+?
j2 says RUN ?unknownhole? GLOBAL_EN thats different
i reset the 3B+ with a paperclip touch on RUN (on the RUN / PEN=powerenable=awakes from sleep/standby holes)
disconnect or switch power is bad for SDcard corruption
what is the price of a button => 1 cent maybe 2?
i do not understand why no reset/awake button even a nano, uno, stm or whatever dollarboard has a reset
leave the camera and display connector away for me and in return a reset button?
or at least soldered connector pins, instead of open holes

i would make the gpio female or delivered with a plastic protector

Weltweit haben alle Approved Reseller 
nur geringe Mengen für den Launch zur Verfügung gestellt bekommen,
daher haben wir die Verkaufsmenge vorübergehend 
auf 1 Stück pro Kunde begrenzt. 
Wir bitten um Verständnis.

We have a surprise for you Today: Raspberry Pi 4 is now on SALE!, Starting at 1GB = 37Euro, 2GB = 47Euro, 4GB = 58Euro The Official Raspberry Pi Magazine The Official Raspberry Pi Magazine

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