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Luberth Sun 5 May 2019 at 10:08:01
3D Printer Design Idea Non Twist Flag Pole Rings

3D Printer Design Idea Non Twist Flag Pole Rings

May 4 and 5, remembering the dead and celebrating freedom

4 and 5 May Remember those who Fought and those who Died for our FreeDom

it is windy and the Flag twist around the pole
Should Make / Design / 3D print some rings so that the Flag can wave in Glory
i see lots of flag pole holders on thingiverse
but can not find flag pole rings on thingiverse

also should be easy to do the flag do half pole on the 4th of may (half-staff).
4 holes in the pole with a lock pin on 2 rings with a swivel ring around it

How to keep my flag from wrapping around the flag pole
How to Prevent Flag From Wrapping Around Pole

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