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Luberth Mon 15 Apr 2019 at 11:01:30
3D Printer Anet A8 Flash Marlin 1.1.9 is it worth it

3D Printer Anet A8 Flash Marlin 1.1.9 is it worth it

Well if you like to experiment
i would say do it not with your original main board
Buy an extra spare one
Then you can always switch back to your original main board
Don't blame me,
Mainboard Anet3D V1.7 +/-22 Euro on AliExpress 17-4-2019

recently bought an Anet A8 from Gearbest
Fast delivery 5days from Nurnburg Germany instead of ShenZhen GuangDong China
But dead on arrival, hotbed mosfet defect, no power, no heat
GearBest is NOT fast with service delivery for new MainBoard pcb 40-60 days? (THAT SUX!)
Mainboard Anet3d v1.7

Bought 10 SMD mosfets IRLR7843 for 1 Euro from my Cheap Chinese Friend Ali
but that will also take 30 days

Bought a second hand Anet A8 mainboard pcb with display for 15 Euro from alike ebay
Arrived in 1 day and i can play
it had Marlin 1.1.9 installed
But the LCD does weird screwed up display sometimes, restores to ok display after buttonpress
Google search says cause should be interference on flat ribbon cable from LCD
keep it at distance away from other stepper/hotbed/extruder cables
strange the Anet original software version did have no problems with weird display

can not print ok with this board
looks like zaxis is not going up sometimes
stiring again on the same layer/height, making a mess / blobs
i blaimed marlin first but LCD display Z value goes up but i did not see z motion

think the guy that sold it to me changed the z axis potentiometer on mainboard
later i notticed the zaxis clicks every now and then, Z axis stepper shutdown
think also z steppers make a lot "wwwwccchhchshshsssssishing" sound, high ampere setting???
heatsink z steppers to hot to touch, and i can handle high temps
think the stepperdriver ic's shutdown for a moment because off A4988 IC ?thermal protection
and result is skipping layers

lower the Z axis stepper driver potentiometer on motherboard
What should be set as vref voltage on potentiometer A4988 stepper driver ic???
measure vref from ground to middle of pot meter
searched the web what the adjust voltage should be but can not find it
i measure 1.15volt at the moment
but what is desired for Z axis double drive

Because off above problems i did reflashing because i blaimed Marlin first?
Maybe the seller did not flash with the right configuration?
Well REflashing from Windows USB, i can not get it going/working

Switched to my linux raspberry pi desktop pc / This webserver
ok thats possible to Flash the Anet A8 mainboard v1.5 this one
and try new things like manual mesh bed leveling

the marlin menu is simpeler more logical as anet menu
try to find pause / stop print in anet a8 menu in marlin its very easy to find
CenterEnter and > is a bit different in use between the 2

but changing valeus is sometimes weird and very slow
fan speed and i would go from 0 to 255 when down is pressed why up from 0 to 255 for 2 minutes
or do big change steps in value after continues button press for ?? seconds
17-4-2019 Ordered a 12864 graphic display with rotary encoder button and buzzer from my Cheap Chinese Friend Ali +/-12,50Euro

maybe because the anet has no beeper
there is no audio or visual confirmation when certain buttons are pressend
load config, save to eeprom, orso you do not know is it done or not?

i used
raspberry pi linux arduino ide worked better for me with USB connect versus windows
even with a 6meter usb cable at high speed ;-)
arduino ide anet a8 boar definitions
marlin with anet a8 config files

And i Repeat it Again
The Z-axis design off these printers SUX
Should be doubleshaft Z steppers with a timing belt/pully on bottom shaft = 3Euro
and no more missaligned Z-threads cq out off level X-axis

Anet A8 Upgrade: Why & How You Should Update Your Firmware - Marlin Install Tutorial

How to install the latest Marlin firmware on your Anet A8 3D printer in 7 easy steps

Anet A8 manual mesh bed leveling with Marlin firmware v1.1.9
include the Anet A8 config files copy from Anet folder and overwrite config files in main folder
Uncomment the lines (may be a bit different, depends off version firmware).
+/- Line #980 //#define MESH_BED_LEVELING //remove the double to uncomment cq make it active
+/- line #986 //#define RESTORE_LEVELING_AFTER_G28
+/- line #1102 //#define LCD_BED_LEVELING

Anet A8 manual mesh bed leveling with Marlin firmware

17-4-2019 Ordered a 12864 Graphic LCD display with rotary encoder button and buzzer from my Cheap Chinese Friend Ali +/-12,50Euro
25-4-2019 thats fast already recieved the display
and very easy to install
much MUCH better as the standard button display
a must have upgrade

install the U8Glib library in your Arduino IDE
menu "Sketch-Include Library-Manage Libraries" and search U8Glib and Install it.

Open Marlin.ino project and "Configuration.h" tab to edit.
line #1573 Comment the line "// #define ZONESTAR_LCD".
line #1755 and uncomment "#define ANET_FULL_GRAPHICS_LCD".

Anet A8 12864 Graphic LCD Upgrade - step by step

oh look this drawing says 1.3volt vref for A4988 stepperdriver z motor potentiometer

github anet a6 a8 mainboard schematic v1
github anet a6 a8 mainboard schematic v1
oh look this drawing says 1.3volt vref for A4988 stepperdriver z motor potentiometer

A4988 stepperdriver IC

The liniar ball slides / axis of Anet 3d printer are absolute crap first class garbage chinese shit
why do they use this garbage, is it not better to use plastic slides for cheap shit
i have not used the printer much but already there are length grooves in the axis

skf ina fag hard axis quality slides

Anet A8 upgrades - Magnetic extruder fan mod
oh this is a nice idea, maybe something for a magnetic dial gauge mount for bed level checking
 removing the heatsink is a VERY BAD idea
But i like the magnet idea for a dial gauge

filament detect Anet A6 Filament detect Anet A8
i have not dived into it
i now nothing about this
a microswitch on filament to detect out off filament
i see some do it with octoprint pause
i would like to use an i/o from anet mainboard itself
is there any i/o free usable?
3d printer i2c io expander / 3d printer ic2 io expansion iic twi twowire
if not is it possible to add an i2c i/o expander? to scl sda
if i2c port expander is possible you have loads of free i/o
MCP23017 - i2c 16 input/output port expander???
PCF8574 I2C 8 bit IO Expander???

i do not know yet
but a out off filament switch detector would be nice

Filament Run-Out Sensor on Your 3d-Printer

Anet A8 / Marlin FW Filament Runout Sensor

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