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Luberth Fri 5 Apr 2019 at 14:35:20
3D Printer How much Belt Tension Tight or Loose Belt

3D Printer how much belt tension tight belt
3D printer spring loaded belt tensioner
3D printer belt conversion

anet a8 x belt
for my Anet A8 3d printer Belt tension
EveryBody is talking about belt tension
But if i search for how much Newton Tension, Looks like nobody has an Answer???
What is the desired belt tension?, 3d printer optimal belt tension?

6.5 lbs? = 29 newton? = 2,9 kilo?
The PullSpring has to be stronger as X carriage friction stick slip
The PullSpring has to be stronger as X carriage Death mass acceleration
( i did only lowest possible education, so keep that in mind )

Optimize belt tension 3D printer with PullSpring
i am thinking of designing something with a pull spring to keep the belt tension @ its best
But how much KILO or NEWTON should the pull spring pull???
How much Newton is desired for the belt tension???

i know this looks Shitty with the Ty-Raps, Cable-Ties, i will design something better
The belts are much to long, but you can only cut them once to short

This is Such a Brilliant Simple Smart Clever Clean Little Perfect easy to adjust Ty-Rap Replacement, Genius Alex

Think i like above belt more then the one i have

the/my Anet A8 GT2X6? belts are steel reinforced
but i think the bending diameters around pulleys are a bit small for this type belt
maybe its better with glassfiber or kevlar reinforced belts because they are more flexible on smal dimeters

Ordered some GT2-6mm GlassFiber reinforced belt to play with
paid something like 3 Euro for 5 Meters GT2 belt from my Cheap Chinese Friend Ali

google ? q= spring loaded belt tensioner 3d printer?
Nee, ik wil niet van die wasknijper veren, No i do not want LaundryPincher / ClothePins springs
google ? q= 3d printer newton belt tension?

Theo & Thea, Kreatief met ...
Cooper Creative with Copper Wire
i think i want a stronger pull spring
a spring from my ancient DOT Matrix Printer Collection, wie wat bewaard heeft wat

SO DE ju MANN deze gasten hebben veel veren
SODEMANN Denmark has a very good spring collection search (Newton wire diam. diam. length etcetera)
beetje te gek 20 euro voor 1 trekveertje van 3 kilo

This is how Chinese do it
Anet_A8_original_X_belt mount from manual
How to get belt tension???

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