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Luberth Sat 30 Mar 2019 at 14:26:02
Arduino Nano Analog LED Propeller Clock

Arduino NANO Analog LED Propeller Clock

I made something like this 20 years ago (1997) MicroChip PIC 16c84
it was in the beginning off the internet when, i saw Bob Blick's Propeller Clock think in 1995/1996
mostly univerities where on the baby interweb, not much normal people or companies
i was amazed stuned when is saw Bob Blicks idea on his webpage
MicroChip was early on the web with very good documentation
wich even i as a under educated worldcitizen understand
also the newsgroups on the net where a good source for info then
and microchip was good with examples application notes
and a free compiler to go from assembler to hex files
it was such an experience trill to flash my first microchip pic
i did not let everything go up in smoke, it worked amazing, grandioso
WayBack LED's where not as bright as NowaDays it was hard to find bright LED's and they cost many dollars a LED
Fun to see this project
(i just started a few weeks ago with Arduino(sorry cheap clones) and i like it much (febr.2019))
Very good, Well done!
Hall Effect sensor good choice!
i did IR gate
oh i also used a reed switch
when you hold a magnet in front off the propeller
time speeds up to rapid movement of hours and minutes and you could set the time

is the 10k resistor needed on Hall sensor?
if you use INPUT PULLUP in the C code?
then input is pulled up in microcontroller?
i am not sure but i would think external 10k resistor not needed?

And Arduino Nano NICE very easy handy to program in C and with USB cable
Not like Assembler programming i did in 1997 and self made serial HEX file programmers
Arduino Nano much easier to debug via usb serial monitor

i bet its hard to film
your eyes wil see a perfect picture
not what we see in the flickering video

In this (very good) video
You will learn how to make Arduino NANO Propeller LED Analog Clock
Using Arduino NANO, Hall Sensor, magnet, LEDs and Resistors

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