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Cooper Sat 30 Mar 2019 at 7:17:02
Coopers 3D Printer STL Models

Coopers 3D Printer STL Models, Useful 3D prints

All work and No play makes Cooper a dull boy.

Look Mummy no Puppets,
I do useful things with my 3D printer Now.

STL files made with SketchUp
Still in my 30 day trail period off SketchUp
what happens then???

Jupiters Rings
Jupiter Filament Anet A8 spool reducer ring 8mm 52,5mm 58mm 3+5=8mm

Anet A8 filament spool adaptor cone 60mm 25mm 8.2mm hole
MultiFunctionalSize from 60 to 25mm

Magnet holder 12x12mm or pipe 12mm mount

Not My 20x20x20mm TestCube XYZ
Cube by Maxdarkdog Nov 11, 2018

GearMotor wire winding diabolo 6mm D shape hole 5,5mm wire/knot hole from side
For Arduino Automatic Chicken Coop Door


Hall Effect ic mount
solder and fill with hot glue
my hall ic A3144 is 4mm wide 1.5mm thick 3mm high
A3144 North sensitive about 2cm with neodymium magnet
output pin pulls/sinks/drain to ground when correct North pole magnet present

25mm 6mm D shaped hole 4,6mm
i am having some problems with sketchup drawing chamfers on high segment count circles
is there a way to draw circles in low segment count and later change the number of segments higher?


Anet A8 filament_guide_pigg_tale.stl
well will be hard / a challenge to print it
sketchup is hard to draw with high segment count circle does strange things

Phone holder Phone stand by byctrldesign Nov 1, 2014
not mine but a puppet that i like

not mine but a thing that i like

View some of above STL files in sliced G-Code in JavaScript G-CODE Analyser Path Visualizer
You can See the size by the 1CM grid = 6CM
Use the Slides?

Use the Slides?
View some of above STL files in sliced G-Code in JavaScript G-CODE Analyser Path Visualizer

No time 2 sleep
Under Construction, More Coming

Please let me sleep

Please Let me Sleep

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