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Dirk Fri 22 Mar 2019 at 9:00:46
How to Make a 3D Printer at Home Arduino Mega

How to Make a 3D Printer at Home Arduino Mega Ramps

Low cost small budget 3D printer

i did buy a Creality Ender3
a nice 3d printer
But i think some things can be better
but i think every thing i wil make
wil cost more as the creality ender3

i like the Anet A6 Anet A8 3D printer Design
i think better as Creality Ender 3 design

i would prefer 2 zaxis motors
or maybe better 1 Zmotor and a belt between 2 zaxis screws (then the timing will always be right)
if by something 1 zaxis screw is turned the axis is missaligned, a belt wil be a 1 time adjustment
the creality ender3 bed axis is to wobly should be a wider slidebase
run the zaxis timing belt under the frame
what will the extra cost be in mass production dual shaft steppers 2 toothed pulleys a belt and maybe a tension roller
3 euro's??? thats no reason not to do it and sell it like it is now

i would like direct drive Extuder and no Bowden tube Extruder
i like to play D.I.Y.

Lets make a better 3d printer
with a 3d printer, self replicating
and it would be nice
to have a BackUp machine in Case one is Down

Josef Prusa here we Come ;-)
Sorry Josef! Maybe one day i will buy a 3D printer from you!

How to Make a D.I.Y. 3D Printer at Home Arduino Mega Ramps

How To Make 3D Printer at Home | Arduino Project

How to make 3D printer, Print one
3d print design files
Looks very good, Zframe mount to baseplate could use improvement i think

3d print design files

3d printer kit test : mega 2560 + ramps 1.4 + lcd 2004 controller + nema 17 motors

Arduino RAMPS 3d printer first test

Honest review: The RAMPS board
The RAMPS is one of the oldest
but also one of the most flexible RepRap control boards
but is it still up to the job?

Anet A8 3D Printer One Year Later | Is This Printer Still Cool Or Fire?

Comment:Luberth Dijkman
i like this design BUT question
should there be not 1 zaxismotor with a belt driving 2 zaxis screws
to keep both zaxis screws timed / aligned
now if 1 zaxis motor is out of position, does it allign itself with 2 zaxis home switches?
Anet A8 Z axis synchronising gizmo
Problem: the two z axis screws can easily become miss-aligned.
Any pressure on one side will create an offset,
requiring the other side to be adjusted every time you print.
Solution: Sync the two screws with a pulley and belt system.

Anet A8 3D Desktop Acrylic LCD Screen Printer Prusa i3 DIY High Accuracy Self Assembly

Best Cheap and Affordable DIY 3D Printer - Anet A8

How to Use Your 3D Printer - Anet A8 (Tips, Tricks, and Upgrades)

Maybe silly but i like this one more as my creality ender3
i bought one Anet A8 today 23-3-2019 from GearBest, i wanna build this thing
i can buy all loose parts and build something myself
But i think that will cost me more as this 140 dollar kit
i can always modify it to make me more happy
Think i will add/replace some aluminium profile to make the frame off the Anet A8 more stiff

i do not have the money to buy an advanced high tech 3d printer
and if i had the money, i probably would not spend it on an expensive 3d printer

That is Great GearBest ships The Anet A8 3D Printer not from ShenZhen GuangDong China but from NurnBurg Germany
So thats much faster and i should Not have a problem with Douane import Tax from Germany = EuropeanUnion
Normally TaxFree is Max. 22 Euro From My Friends in China to Holland / The Netherlands
So, it will arrive in a few days
WOW thats fast
100km togo 2019-03-26 13:50:06 Utrecht,Netherlands, The parcel has left the parcel center.
100km togo 2019-03-26 13:48:13 Utrecht,Netherlands, The parcel has reached the parcel center.
650km togo 2019-03-26 00:08:21 Neuenstein,Germany, The parcel has left the parcel center.
650km togo 2019-03-26 00:07:26 Neuenstein,Germany, The parcel has reached the parcel center.
712km togo 2019-03-25 16:34:12 Nuernberg-Hafen,Germany, The parcel was handed over to GLS.
712km togo 2019-03-23 23:14:02 Nuernberg-Hafen,Germany, The parcel data was entered into the GLS IT system; the parcel was not yet handed over to GLS.

This 3dprint wiki Anet A8 wiki page is unbelievable

Maybe its a bit like a Skoda, Lada, Trabant, Polski-Fiat. But i do not care
possible i will use 4x aluminium pipe spacers 10mm pipe x 1mm wall thickness (M8) for bed yaxis frame instead off nuts
adds +/- 2.80 euro
like the wide bed yaxis better as creality wobbly ender3
like the double screw zaxis better as 1side hanging creality ender3 zaxis
like to try direct drive extruder versus creality ender bowden tube printer(downside more weight on xaxis)
like the D.I.Y. look
and i think this is the cheapest 3d printer on this planet

For those who are curious what is on
The SD Card of Anet A8 install instructions test files etcetera
The Anet A8 SD card contents
Anet A8 is MUCH better as Creality Ender 3 SD Card Contents

package recieved, delivery superfast
ok start building:
my opinion so far about Anet A8:
manual is verry good almost perfect
quality of linear ball bearrings is not what i expect of a linear ball bearing
poor quality?
extruder nozzle cold end does not have cooling ribs
oh now i see, they have a 40mm square fan blown cooling ribs for the cold end of extuder
taking the paper of the acrylic is a pain in the .....
it should be plastic like on the aluminium
it comes with a nice 1.5 meter arduino programming cable
monitor via arduino ide serial monitor 115200
I must say its fun building it!, it is a smart made kit!
would it not be better if the frame nuts where square or even rectangle ?

if i would redesign the kit / CQ build one like this one myself
i would have add 10mm to the bottom of the frame
take dubbel sided shaft z steppers
with a toothed pulley on the bottom side
and let a toothed belt run from 1 zaxis to the other zaxis
so that the z screws stay aligned and thus the xaxis stays aligned in horizontal level
i do not like it like it is now
Strange, even a prusa-i3-mk3 does not have a z axis timing belt

OK i SEE in a video off Josef Prusa himself
a NOT SO ELEGANT way off aligning the xaxis on zleadscrews
by ramming zaxis into the top off the frame in overtravel kind of a way
until both z steppers are HAMMERING into the TOP off the FRAME
lets run a zaxis timing belt under the frame
what will the extra cost be in mass production dual shaft steppers 2 toothed pulleys a belt and maybe a tension roller
3 euro's??? thats no reason not to do it and sell it like it is now

Level X to Y axis on Prusa i3 (and Cloner) Printers
Before leveling your bed, it's best to make sure the X/Z carriages and rods are level or Square to the Y axis.
do not unplug steppers under power!

Anet A8 Zaxis position check
maybe something like this for the moment

Anet 3D V1.7
what i have seen in software / menu so far
home x home y home z home all menu is not always vissible Anet A8
if you move an ax manualy
and then you have the full home menu again
do not like this changing menu style
i would like to have home always vissible Oh, Under QuickSettings you have home all

y axis makes a horrible thicking sound during move
1 ybelt bearing is ticking, shitty bearing no quality at all

option automatic bed leveling
hmm, i do not like that idea , thats bed compensation not level
constant running adjusting zaxis i woud say
why not add 3 tiny floppy like steppers to 3 corners of the bed
1 corner can be fixed
and do real automatic bed leveling by lower / higher the 3 corner steppers

To support@Anet and @gearbest friends in China

Anet A8 GearBest heatbed not heating  

i bought a few days 23-3-2019 ago an Anet A8 3d printer kit from

the build went wel
nice kit
but now i have a problem
the heatbed is not heating

no voltage comming out of heatbed screwterminals ( i expect 12vdc, but nothing)
heatbed resistance 2 a 2.1  ohm
LCD screen says
B 20.7 / 60 C -> C -> 100%   ,     so it should be full on?
but does not heat up stays at room temperature
i think maybe LED D7 should light up on mainbord but LED D7 is always OFF

Do i have a faulty MainBoard?
What can we do about it?

2ohm u=ixr 12vdc=ix2ohm  = 6amp for a heatbed?
possible i think

Problem Quite Clear Described, i would say
But GearBeat wants videos off the problem
Before GearBest will continue warranty procedure
Gearbest Anet A8 3D printer No heat Bed temp new out off the box
You sound a bit pissed off Mister Diekman

Gearbest Anet A8 not working defective new out off the box

i have printed some things
but on a cold bed the bottom is warping / bending
and printed part comes loose from the bed
but it looks pretty good
i like the direct drive extruder more as bowden one
x axis does not seem to have a problem with the extra weight of extruder stepper

to touch or not to touch that is the question
discussion about z axis flexible couplings
should the z stepperax touch the z leadswrew yes or no
well i like them to touch so you do NOT have a springy bouncy z axis
my leads look like they have a flat turned end on a lathe
not shopped off under an angle
so i think its better to let the the axis touch each other
i even stretch the coupler when tightening the inbus lock screws
so that the coupler pulls, forcing the axis together
and yes the top of the zaxis is now to short to stick in the hole on top off frame
so what, they do not run at 2000rpm
i think something like max 10rpm and thats even when not printing
bit off grease on z leadscrews / bronze nuts and no problem
my problem is more the allignment of both z axis,i would not dare to sell it like this

The Anet A8 box also contained a bag of condoms
Maybe Chinese man size, they are way to small for me ;-)

oh i read somewhere else they are finger covers, also for safe sex?

maybe take some power stress off anet mainboard and use external mosfet for nozzle, heatbed
and maybe make that 24VDC lower amps and faster heatup time
adds another 8 euro

Anet A8 vs Creality Ender 3 Comparison

Make a Cheap 3D Printer Better – Anet A8 Print Quality Upgrades
Hmmm, looks horrible, i think this kills the look, its ugly

Anet A8 - The best cheap DIY 3D printer in 2018?

video post date Februari 2019
The Best Control Board and Firmware for 3D Printers - Price vs Functionality

Melzi 2.0 Creality ender like 3d printer motherboard PCB
Melzi 2.0 = +/-25 euro
creality runs on 24vdc this board 12vdc???
an old board (are there no Arduino Due 32bit 80mhz 3d printer shields?
Ok, Duet is based on Arduino Due well that must be the future, 32bit more speed, more (interrupt) i/o, more memory

an old board (are there no Arduino Due 32bit 80mhz 3d printer shields?
Ok, Duet is based on Arduino Due well that must be the future, 32bit more speed, more (interrupt) i/o, more memory
Melzi 2.0 Creality ender like 3d printer motherboard PCB
Melzi 2.0 = +/-25 euro

all extruders i see only have 1 heating element
My Brain wants 2 heat elements on both sides off the extruder nozzle
FLIR Thermal images of heating element???

Anet A8 Fire Danger and Marlin Upgrade
AND AGAIN there is a RISK in this Cheap Friends ShenZhen GuangDong China D.I.Y. importing

Autoleveling automatic bed leveling on 3D printers: 9 myths and 12 sensors tested!

what does this autobedleveling means???
if you bed is 5mm or say 2 degree out of level
will the z axis constantly going up/down during a layer???
will a cilinder then be printed like the tower off PISA // ???
i do not know

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