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Cooper Wed 20 Mar 2019 at 11:08:19
Sketchup for 3D printer designing

Sketchup for 3D printer designing
Using SketchUp for 3D Printing

Sketchup is for me easier
as "real" CAD CAM software
wich i can not run on my raspberry pi desktop
or on other 32bit computers
Most CAD/CAM programs want 64bit

installed old version sketchup 2016
32bit on a windows pc runs very nice
Oh, there is a STL import/export extension
and it works on this old 2016 sketchup version and slic3r
it is a 30 day trail pro version,
what happens after 30 days???
this old win32 sketchup runs smoother
as the online web app version

sketchup browser web version i can use
sketchup browser app

Just watch the video's to see
what a powerful tool SketchUp is
just by watching you will learn a lot

My second day with sketchup
so every now and then im lost in the video
how i draw the diabolo
With a D-shaped hole and string hole
Lets try making a video of of it
arduino automatic chicken coop door
old win32 2016 sketchup version

Sketchup how to draw a cone
Sketchup how do i draw a cone

sketchup in 2 minutes-rotate and copy (other use sketchup circle hole pattern)

Sketchup chamfer

sketchup bevels and rounded edges

Web App basic tutorial

Web App Sketchup Free - Cloud Based 101 - 2018

Sketchup Tutorial For Beginners - Part One

Sketchup Tutorial Part1 : Modeling for 3D Printing

SketchUp: 3D Printable Fast Basic Hinge Design

Importing and customizing Thingiverse STL models in SketchUp

Google Sketchup - Basic Text keychain 3D project

STL file you can open in Slic3r for G-Code layer generating
GO SKETCHUP try this yourself

sketchup make solid for 3d printing

sketchup prepare for 3d printing

sketchup export for 3d printing

sketchup stl

sketchup export stl extension

stl export sketchup make

plugin stl sketchup 2016

design 3d printable objects

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