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Luberth Tue 19 Mar 2019 at 12:55:55
PRUSA 3D printers those guys are smart

Prusa smart multicolor 3d printing Two Point O
You guys are smart

Better buy a European PRUSA
i bought a low budget Gearbest Anet A8 Death on fast 5 day arrival (Anet A8 HeatBed==ColdBed => MOSFET Defect)
now i am waiting for more then 80 days for a working motherboard from gearbest
i have doubt gearbest ever will deliver me one
Gearbest service sux!
Better buy a European PRUSA

28 june 2019 Another GREAT video from Josef Prusa and his Employees
The Road to 100,000 Original Prusa 3D printers

Funfact #1 this video was in the works for many months
and during that time we shipped over 30k more printers so we are at 130k now 🤷‍♂️🥳🎉🥰 == ?

130k Congratulations, go 4 a million
COMPLIMENTS 2 all off U, 4 this GREAT video!!!

and You Guys are funny ;-)

PRUSA printing farm
printers make printers self replicating machines


A bit Shy Joseph Prusa or is it Josef Prusa WayBack when the Air was clean and sex Dirty the RepRap project

Prusa Mendel what a SuccesStory it became


On 20th of November 2010 Ill be speaking on TEDxPrague
and every guest will get a whistel from me! I made more then 400 so far!!
====>> Image (CopyRight) by Dr Andrew Dent.<<====

RepRap Masterclass July 3rd 2011 - Bath university (UK)
====>> Image (CopyRight) by Dr Andrew Dent.<<====
The Old Man ;-) in the middle is Adrian Bowyer = The GodFather of 3D printing
RepRap Masterclass July 2011 - Photograph above is by Dr Andrew Dent (Faberdashery) -
who I also met for the very first time at the build weekend,
just before Faberdashery was launched.
I'm on the far left and Josef Prusa is front far right (in other words Josef Prusa is The Big Fat Guy ;-) .

Adrian Bowyer
GodFather of 3D Printing
Adrian Bowyer started the worldwide 3D printing revolution

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