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Luberth Thu 7 Feb 2019 at 14:34:45
ITEAD Sonoff Touch EU EWelink app WiFi 230VAC Touch light switch

ITEAD Sonoff Touch EU WiFi 230VAC Touch light switch

WiFi wall touch switch EU
SONOFF Touch WiFi Wireless Remote Control Wall Timing Switch
Color White Size EU Version i payed 8.89€ including shipping to the Netherlands
strange nowadays 11.50€

For some critics, if you order a White one, the +/-6mm raised part outline/square is BLACK like BackSide!?

Recieved the itead sonoff touch wall switch from gearbest aliexpress alibaba or banggood today from ShenZhen GuangDong China
A nice modern touch wifi thingy

Do not think this design will be approved for use in the EU
230VAC Power screws are sticking out above the plastic, open / clear / ready to touch

Or thats why it is Called Touch Switch, => New Name => DO NOT Touch Back Side Switch
The power connecting screws should be sunk in plastic, even if its on the back side
I Do NOT think / believe this device is C E certified

Are you ready to Die shocking ?
But the printing on the box says C E not CE and RoHS
C E (with space) should be Conformité Européenne safety mark
-- they should change the C E logo like an e with a C arround it the C protecting the e
-- and if a chinese abuse the new logo it trash all their goods, like the chinese do
-- C E to protect the European Citizins C E P E C, Hmm, CEPEC is something else
CE (without space) = Chinese Export
or some say CE = China Engineering
DO NOT think this product is C E but CE
RoHS should be something like chemical substance safety

Is it SAFE this D.I.Y. importing from China
The ACTION has almost every week a product recall because of safety

Veel consumentenproducten die binnen de Europese Unie (EU) op de markt verschijnen, 
moeten een CE-markering hebben. 
    en elektronische huishoudelijke apparaten. 
De CE-markering geeft aan dat het product voldoet aan wettelijke eisen. 
Onder andere op het gebied van veiligheid, gezondheid en milieu. 
De CE-markering is te herkennen aan de letters C en E.

i miss sunrise sunset timers with + or - offset in the timer control app of this switch
i want to control it from raspberry pi with or without domoticz
easy webconnecting / webcontrol without reflashing i cannot find yet, http://device_ip gives nothing
my router info
in my case ITEAD Sonoff touch switch is at gives nothing in web browser
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz ESP_CB48E5 DC:4F:22:CB:48:E5 6 Mbit/s Fri Feb 08 09:32:01 2019

- Tasmota firmware:
Allowing control under Serial, HTTP, MQTT and KNX, so as to be used on Smart Home Systems.
Tasmota adds many new features, and allows you to integrate Sonoffs into an existing home automation system
Without relying??? on EXTERNAL CHINESE CLOUD services
DO YOU TRUST CHINESE??? They dont for sure give a shit about you,
What a stupid idea that i need a chinese cloud to turn my light onoff
WHY does the ewelink app NEED ACCESS to your location, photos, camera, microphone, files, Etcetera???!!! tencent? bigdata?
is THAT NEEDED to turn your light onoff
is ewelink a tencent cloud and do they give a shit about your privacy?
nobody will be able to check or control it
Take action like governments do with western companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft Etcetera

a Western Company should copy this ITEAD products without the Chinese cloud nonsense

Commands can be executed via HTTP requests, for example:


If you have set a password for web user interface access, 
this must be included (in plaintext) in the URL of the HTTP request, 

like so:

No chinese tencent cloud needed
Goodbye eWeLink and warranty / guarantee voided (Does it have any warranty? Does Warranty make Sense on a 4 euro switch and 5000 miles between buyer/seller).

Do you wanna be part of this? With a gouvernment like that

Tencent Cloud Computing China is part of a rich digital ecosystem 
that includes some of China's top 
mobile payment, 
digital literature, 
music streaming, 
and video platforms. 
With over a billion users, 
Tencent is a global technology leader and the largest technology company in Asia.

No ITEAD says AMAZON AWS Cloud server is used for Sonoff®-ft232rl-ftdi-usb-naar-ttl-seriele-converteradaptermodule-voor-arduino

today ordered some more ITEAD Sonoff things
SONOFF® Basic DIY WIFI Wireless 10Amp Switch For Smart Home With ABS...
i payed februari 2019 4,37€ a piece x 2 = 8,91€ including shipping china -> netherlands

similar 10 amp Ali version (but alie has no paypall)

Make sure the jumper is on 3.3 Volt DC When programming the ITEAD Sonoff Flash otherwise you may burn/smoke/brick it

Make sure the jumper is on 3.3 Volt DC When programming the ITEAD Sonoff Flash otherwise you may burn/smoke/brick it
Geekcreit® FT232RL FTDI USB To TTL Serial Converter Adapter...
i payed februari 2019 2,18€ include shipping china -> netherlands

dutch description howto flash itead sonoff

SuperHouse ITEAD Sonoff ShenZhen GuangDong China Factory Tour

spring loaded pogo test pins
pogo pin spring loaded head for in-circuit FLash Programming

are there no expanding pcb test hole pins on the market
conical expand
or v-split expand
like wall plugs
make a temporary connection for flashing sonoff

Make your own Sonoff | DIY Sonoff | Sonoff wifi switch using ESP8266 and MQTT | IoT Projects

More Flash Memory for your Sonoff => W25Q32FVSIG 32MBit = 4Mbyte
Think next are form another brand not the W from Winbond brand


add 433mhz to your sonoff
add temperature sensor dallas ds18b20 sensor to sonoff
make a 5 euro wifi temperature sensor of your sonoff switch

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