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Luberth Wed 16 Jan 2019 at 11:35:06
RaspBerry Pi 3B+ Reset Switch PEN / RUN Header

RaspBerry Pi 3B+ Reset Switch PEN / RUN Header

Every now and then i lockup my raspberry pi by doing to much in chromium
Pulling the power cord is a very bad habit
May corrupt your sd card, and your pi may not boot anymore after that
Strange that the PEN/RUN are holes on the raspberry should be a standard connector with extra ground pin for connecting a reset switch
most raspberry users will not have the tools and skills to solder a connector in the holes
i have the tools, had the skills, but my aged eyes shaking hands make it harder to do

When run is pulled to ground the raspberry pi reboots
So there should be a momentary Normaly Open NO pushbutton between RUN and Ground for reset
This should also wake the pi when it is in shutdown state

how to unfreeze raspberry pi
Pressing CTRL + ALT + F1 will switch to one of the "backup" terminals offered by the kernel.

How to safely shutdown raspberry pi when its frozen
Watch the ACT LED, as long as its blinking the sd-card is active then powering down is inadvisable. If there is no SD-card action, then wait a few seconds and power off.

.The is no "shortcut" key-combination to power down AFAIK.
Yup, there is, but it's pretty old-school Linux.
Hold down both Alt+PrintScreen, and while holding those keys,
hit the following keys in sequence, one at a time, with a few seconds pause between them.

today 31-1-2019 my pi locked up
sd card led continu lit
works perfect reboot when you connect run hole to ground
this run hole should be a connector pin on every pi, should be standard on any pi
preferable with an extra ground pin so that you can easy connect a reset switch

THIS IS WHAT I DO! => TO REBOOT raspberry pi 3b+ => WHEN LOCKED UP
Looks like a metal-paperclip touch on RUN => reboots

Maybe Better to first touch the metal off usb-housing to get rid of your static body

and when in shutdown state => a paperclip touch on PEN powerenable? => and it boots / starts again
no powercord usb plug pulling or usb_cables with switches needed
a piece of stripped wire will also do
not much is needed to let it reboot
i use this touch on RUN for reboot all the time now
works prefect for me
no more powercord pulling for me

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