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Luberth Mon 14 Jan 2019 at 21:30:06
No Red power LED on RaspBerry Pi 3B+

No Red power LED on RaspBerry Pi 3B+

Today when i was playing with RaspiCast
i noticed there was no red power LED on my television RaspBerry Pi 3B+
When i think back i have never seen a RED LED on this pi hanging under my TV for 3 weeks now
pi is working perfect
But is strange that there is no red power LED on
Searched the internet
Should be 3.3volt on gpio
i have not played with GPIO on this raspberry
its my television raspberry pi so the should be nothing wrong with it
i measure 3.27 VDC on gpio with my cheap multimeter
so should be ok

Further inspection, put my glasses on (hate it getting old), Still cannot see it
Get a phone with a magnifying camera / swiss army knife app

HAHA Well there is no red LED present on this raspberry pi 3B+ PCB, its missing
The place where it should be is empty, no LED
Production fault = pick and place machine out off leds
Monday morning print
i cannot magnify it enough to see if its knocked off or it has never been there
Would expect to see matted/misty/dull/frosted solder when the led is knocked off
The green LED looks also a little angled / out off line with board edges

This Galaxy S3 mini phone does not make a good picture of something so small

Thanks for this nice print Raspberry / Reichelt
Elektronik und Technik bei reichelt elektronik gunstig bestellen

Hmm they say 100% inspected also LED Optic?

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