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Kremer Wed 2 Jan 2019 at 19:53:29
ACTION Flamingo SF-501 433Mhz Remote Control Wall Socket

De schakelaars Flamingo SF501
na veel proberen aan de praat gekregen
door uiteindelijk de pulslengte te verlagen van 260 naar 230.
The wall socket switches Flamingo SF501
after a lot of trying i got it working
by eventually reducing the pulse length from 260 to 230.

Bit more info would be nice?
pulslength in wich software

ACTION Dutch / Europe shop http://www.action.com
433mhz set (NOT WIFI) https://www.action.com/nl-nl/p/flamingo-schakelaarset-met-afstandsbediening/
see no wifi set at the moment at action

Hmmm, there is also a wifi app Flamingo smart switch version

Inside electronics of a smart WiFi light switch | Flamingo SF-501 Smart Switch with 433mhz
Published on Oct 13, 2017
I recently bought a WiFi equipped wall light (SF-501) switch 
for 20 euro's in the Netherlands at the Action store. 
In this video I show the inside electronics of this device.

It is equipped with a Lierda LSD4WF-2M005102 WiFi chip. 
The device is also equipped with an 433 mhz transmitter that makes the device a wifi gateway hub for 433 mhz cheap wall switches. 

The setup was really straightforward and an easy process. Next video will be about a SonOff WiFi enabled controller.

Please note there is no Zigbee or Z-Wave chip inside. 
And I found out that the 433 mhz is not working with my older 433 wall switches from Eurodomest.

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