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Georg Tue 1 Jan 2019 at 12:39:29
Re: Roland pen plotter cutting a vinyl decal sticker


some more details?

Used Operating System?
Used knife holder?
Cuting software?



Hello Georg
Interested in Century old technology? ;-)

Well video was made in Windows XP era i think
When computers had 25 or 9 pin sub D serial rs232 ports

i liked SignGo vinyl cutting software
did not like their pritty good shareware/trial protection, so did buy a license ;-(
hmmmmm, looks like they have even more protection nowadays, by hardware dongle
SignGo: Cutting Software for sign making with cutting plotter
Do not think they have a RaspBerry Pi version ;-)

Possible there are also HPGL output or even HPGL cutting plotter output plugins for InkScape drawing program
you can save as hpgl or plt and even set swivel offset correction and overcut = and then you can send file to plotter
Or you can plot direct with swivel offset correction and overcut using Extensions=>Export=>Plot
^^^^^^^^^ already in inkscape ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ already in inkscape ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
not sure if it has knive swivel offset compensation or overcut for normal pen plotters, signgo has

imported some swivel knives in penplotter pen format from Korea at that time and sold them for a little bit much more
and spare knivespacks
stopped when they where not honest with international visa payment from euro to us to korea
amount i saw paid on screen was not amount that was taken from my bankaccount
and maybe i had also had to pay Dutch douane/import tax the last time, so there was not so much profit in it for me anymore

nite industrial co ltd cutting blade
nite industrial co ltd cutting blade swivel holders
i had the mimaki and roland type,i think both did fit the roland plotter
do not understand on my phone i also see vinyl cutting plotters machines

think it should be possible to find it on aliexpres, banggood, gearrbest,
i would say 5 to 30 dollar for a swivelholder and 5 to 15 dollar for 5 spare knifes
plenty of bladeholders cuttingplotter knives knifes etcetera on banggood
plenty of bladeholders cuttingplotter knives knifes etcetera on BangGood
Nice prices
But keep in mind, it is NOT GOOD 2 support China

i have seen some replacement knives or is it knifes recently
the knive or knife is in holder in 2 small bearrings an a magnet keeps it inside
knivepoint is something like 0.3mm offcenter so its tailing or trailing the direction of movement
like if you would thow/drag a wheellbarrow following you in the direction you walk
think signgo can compensate for this trail in software settings
it was also adjustable how much the knive sticks out of the holder to set the cutting depth

Love the sound of steppers
sorry for the poor quality, this was way before the fancy smartphones

Vinyl Cutter Bobcat - Linux Inkscape InkCut -

Inkcut - Live Plotting - Open source 2D CNC software (Preview)
Published on Aug 14, 2017
Demo of the long awaited new version of Inkcut (still unreleased). Planning to do a Kickstarter early 2018, so please stay tuned!

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