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Luberth Dijkman Fri 14 Dec 2018 at 9:39:46
GearBest Creality3D Ender Useful 3d prints

I want to 3D print a bird water feeder plate, reusing an old Soda / Coca Cola bottle
Nice, i am not the first one who thinks like that
I do not wanna become another puppet printing clown
Look Mam, i can print Puppets!

3d printer plans

This is so cool ;-) loads off nice usefull things on thingiverse
How smart is this on an old Coca cola bottle
Screw on bottle citrus juicer
wine bottle bird feeder

Cat drinking pond

cat drinking pond

Humming bird feeder

google image search 3d print sd card storage
google image search 3d print sd card storage

Make some improvements to the GearBest Creality Ender 3D printer
Do not like the LCD open at the back
Print a cover
Creality Ender 3d printer improvements
I am Waiting for my 3d printerThe Creality Ender 3d printer i ordered at

Ok, on my RaspBerry Pi 3B+(same pi as where you are now inside viewing this forumpage)
wich i also use as desktop computer, i have installed RepSnapper 2.3.2
it was in the Menu=>Preferences=>Add/Remove Software program from Raspbian menu
i can see the STL files with that program, thats nice now i see LCD screen backcover modification STL file for Creality Ender 3
i think its possible to create G-Code with this RepSnapper program for the 3d printer
oww maybe you can even send it via usb??? not sure maybe i guess this is for a reprap
added a RepSnapper Tutorial youtube video at the end off this message

HMmmm, Blender also in add/remove software program of raspbian
lets have a look at it, should be a 3d drawing program i think, lets see how it will run on a raspberry 3

My GearBest Ender 3d printer
my GearBest Creality Ender 3d printer

Jak sie mach, Previet tack spasiba, i do not know what he is saying, ya ne panimaju ya ne gvaroe pa ruski

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