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Dirk Dijkman Fri 7 Dec 2018 at 4:53:33
DIY plotter dot peen indent text engraving marking

DIY plotter dot peen indent text engraving dotpeen product marking

Luberth Dijkman Published on Jul 20, 2007
visual basic for dos source code
for a dot peen text to stepper motion
dot peen indent engraver
product marking machine

This is done on a homemade xy table
with old dot matrix printer stepper motors
and toothed Belts from the dot matrix printers

Wat the FCK is a DOT matrix Printer
A music making machine or paper document writer
---> DOOM, the second one, gives me the Shivers, GooseBumps...

>>2018 now loads of cheap 3d printer parts loads off cheap xyz table building parts loads off cheap xyz table building parts

some chrome plated steel shafts and nylon bushings
a smc800 (anno 1997) stepper motor control card on pc parallel printer port
the dot peen indent marker is a normal 230vac hand tool
switchted by a solid state relais

the engraved material is stainles steel RVS 304 or 316

pitty there is no sound
can tell it makes a hell of a noise

Speed is as you see it, real speed
note: see jumping dust, thats not fast replay
webcam camera is to slow to follow it
>>2007 No fancy smartphones then

the needle is not making scratch marks but is hammering at 50HZ
sow if moving realy fast a line of loose dots
if moving slow a deeper line of connecting dots

the hammering/vibrating needle tool is a standard electric hand engraver
Vibrating tool (50/60Hz) dot peening
Record Power Ltd Sheffield England
10 watt 69 to 81 Eur o
Vibrating Engraver tool
Brennenstuhl SignoGraph
25Watt 29 to 65 Eur

Later i bought a
Dremel vibrating handtool
i think priced 30 euro

dot  peen;  direct  part  marking;  scribe;  cnc;  marking  machine;  steel  stamping;  telesis;  technifor;  richter;  sic;  schmidt;  monode;  pinstamp;  pin  stamp;  laser;  Roll  press;  2D;  barcode;  UID;  datamatrix;  cognex;  production  video  jet;  mathews;  Dapra;  Pryor;  tag  Dod;  engraving;  CMT;  Columbia  Marking; 

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Luberth Dijkman
Published on Jul 20, 2007
Wasted years

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