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Henry Wed 5 Dec 2018 at 16:08:46
General commands Re: Favorite Linux Commands?

General Commands

apt-get update
      Synchronizes the list of packages 
      on your system to the list in the repositories. 
      Use it before installing new packages 
      to make sure you are installing the latest version.

apt-get upgrade 
      Upgrades all of the software packages you have installed.

      Clears previously run commands and text from the terminal screen.

      Prints the current date.

find / -name example.txt 
      Searches the whole system for the file example.txt 
      and outputs a list of all directories that contain the file.

nano example.txt: 
      Opens the file example.txt in the Linux text editor Nano.

      To shutdown immediately.

      Opens the configuration settings menu.

      To reboot immediately.

shutdown -h now
      To shutdown immediately.

shutdown -h 01:22
      To shutdown at 1:22 AM.

      Opens the GUI (Graphical User Interface(windows)).

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